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Seminar Announcement September 30th 2016


Seminar & Presentation – September 30th


The book aims to compare how tourism is shaped in different countries as a result of its governance system. Each chapter will be about 1 country describing its recent contemporarily tourism policies and how it is shaped. There will be a consistent outline (with some flexibility) to be able for each chapter to address the same issues, concerns, recommendations across wide range of countries from all over the world.


This will be a preliminary seminar which will take place in the Gifford Room 5-7 pm on September 30th. Each Speaker will make a 10 minute presentation with 5 minutes Q&A so participants can take notes and have a holistic understanding about tourism and tourism governance in the presented countries. Then after the short presentations the group will have time to discuss, compare and contrast different countries.Towards the end, there will be a preliminary discussion about the way forward, findings, directions to stress in future analyses, potential publication plans, and further meetings during the TSWG through the year.


  • 5:00 5:15     Introducing the speakers + Setting up.
  • 5:15 5:30     Kuwait
  • 5:30 5:45     Thailand
  • 5:45 6:00     Cuba
  • 6:15 6:30     USA
  • 6:30 6:45     France (Via Skype)
  • 6:45 7:00     Egypt
  • 7:00 7:30     Summary + Group Discussion + Coming Steps

Pizza & Drinks served during the group discussion


  • Amina Al-Kandari
  • Louise Mozingo (co-Author with Wilasinee Suksawang)
  • Elizabeth Vasile
  • Bertram M. Gordon
  • Dean MacCannel
  • Amir Gohar