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China’s Tourism Attraction & Governance | China


By: Jie Zhong


  • China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a sovereign state in East Asia.
  • —With a population of over 1.381 billion, it is the world’s most populous state.
  • —The state is governed by the Communist Party of China based in the capital of Beijing.

Tourism Attractions:

UNESCO: World Heritage List Statistics:



Main Characteristics of Tourism Governance in china

  • The current tourism governance of public resource-based tourism mainly follow the principle of Localization management, combining with different level of tourist attractions using corresponding management as well.
  • —Only one public resource-based tourism attraction can be in the charge of more than 12 departments or ministries including Tourism Administration, Ministry of Land and Resources, Forestry Administration, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Water Resources and so on.