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Tourism in Oman: Context & Background | Oman


By: Amna Alruheili

Oman Background:

Location: Oman located in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Government: Central, Parliamentary & Monarchy

GDP(2016 estimates):  Total ($51.679 billion). Per capita ($20,059 )

GDP by sector: agriculture 1.2%, industry 65.1% (oil), services 39.1% (2014 est.)

TAX: There is no income and minimum tax for commercial

Population (2016 estimates):  4,441,448

Oman’s Tourism

Tourists are attracted for Oman for its cultural and beach resorts and activities

British and German are among the top European tourist for Oman.

The climate of Oman provided year around tourism opportunities.

North Oman: Sept-March (weather mild winter)

South Oman: May-August (tropical weather)

Tourism Law in Oman

Royal Decree No. 12/2006: Issuing the system of rules of Non-Omanis ownership of Real Estate in integrated tourism complexes

Article One: The attached system of rules shall govern Non-Omanis ownership of Real Estate in Integrated Tourism Complexes licensed by the competent parties.

Article Two: The Ministry of Housing, Electricity & Water shall, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, prepare the Executive Regulations of the attached system of rules. The Minister of Housing, Electricity & Water shall issue such Executive Regulations consequent to the approval of the Council of Ministers and shall take all actions necessary to implement this system of rules after coordinating with the parties concerned.

Article Three: All that contravene this Decree or contradict its Provisions shall be abrogated.

Tourism Institutional Structure in Omanblogoman1