The following is a suggested outline that will allow a rigorous companions between the different chapters. The locality and differences in context may suggest some minor deviations that will serve better covering of the topic tourism governance and its influence on tourism development.


1.1 About the country

1.1.1 History & Background

1.1.2 General profile

1.1.3 Economy

1.2 About the Government system

1.2.1 Kingdom, Republic, States,…etc

1.2.2 Government Structure (General)

1.2.3 How tourism is incorporated (provide comparison between tourism authorities in that structure Vs (environment, antiquities, fishery, …etc)

1.3 About current tourism profile

1.3.1 Tourism volume

1.3.2 Tourism Distribution

1.3.3 Tourism as part of the economy

1.3.4 Tourism as part pf the urban development


2.1 Tourism is shaped more by public Vs private sector

2.1.1 Tourism development responses to laws & regulations

2.1.2 Tourism development destinations are designated by decision maker in authority or multiple partners & stakeholders

2.1.3 What is the freedom left to the private sector to innovate?

2.2 Tourism in central government Vs local government

2.2.1 What does the government do?

2.2.2 What remains to the local government?

2.2.3 Level of sharing in decision making

2.2.4 Are they integrated or competing?

2.3 Tourism as a stand alone authority or combined with other sectors (and is this working well or not)

2.3.1 Represented in the central level (Minister of tourism)

2.3.2 Minster of tourism and something else (environment, fishery, agriculture, antiquities,…etc)

2.3.3 No Ministry of tourism (lead by local government or private sector)


3.1 What is actually happening

3.1.1 how the destination is shaped?

3.1.2 designed

3.1.3 built

3.1.4 Maintained

3.1.5 Managed

3.1.6 influenced

3.2 Other stakeholders responsible for tourism development

3.2.1 Non profits,

3.2.2 Corporates

3.2.3 Tour operators

3.2.4 Quality control companies

3.2.5 CSR, ….etc

3.3 Tourism Impact

3.3.1 Ecological impact (on mangrove, braches, …etc)

3.3.2 Social impact (relocating people, land tenure problems, creating stress on the infrastructure

3.3.3 Economic impact: retention, leakages, …etc

4. TYPES OF TOURISM (using case studies or multiple examples)

4.1 According to the shape and form of the destination

4.1.1 Ecotourism

4.1.2 Sustainable tourism

4.1.3 Mass tourism

4.1.4 Community based tourism

4.1.5 Agro-tourism

4.2 According to the purpose

4.2.1 Leisure

4.2.2 Pilgrimage

4.2.3 Business

4.2.4 Sex tourism

4.2.5 Spiritual….etc


5.1 Conclusion

5.1.1 Is there a relation between the governance style and the success?

5.1.2 Are there government policies that actually discourage tourism?

5.1.3 Could tourism improve more under the existing government system

5.1.4 Are there non-tourism deficits in the government that impact tourism?

5.2 Recommendations

5.2.1 What to change in the government?

5.2.2 What to enhance in the current operation

5.2.3 Suggestions related to stakeholder’s engagement

5.2.4 Proposals to reduce tourism impacts

5.2.5 Best practices to maximize the tourism potential (government/policy)